About Us

Mission Statement

Actineon’s mission is to be the market leader in high performance, low cost, special purpose computers for select vertical markets.

Company Information

Actineon was incorporated in May of 2009 as a California C Corporation. Actineon is headquartered in Fremont California where it carries out product development, manufacturing, support and financial activities. Actineon also has sales offices in Irvine, CA.

Growth Highlights

First product shipments began in December 2009. Actineon has experienced high growth rates since 2010, and anticipates continued high growth for the foreseeable future. We grow by catering specifically to the business and technical needs of leaders in the markets we address, and by periodically adding new markets.


Actineon’s primary offerings are small form factor computers for kitchen operations, kiosks, and digital signage. We also sell mobile computers and displays used in taxicabs throughout the USA.

Financial Information

Actineon is privately held with approximately 70 percent ownership by employees and founders and 30 percent ownership by Series A investors. Series A, completed in 1Q 2011, was used to accelerate growth of a proven business model and cash efficient operations. Actineon achieved profitability early in 2012 and intends to remain so indefinitely.

Future Plans

Actineon plans to be a key enabler and trusted partner to companies that require purpose built computers World Wide.