Actineon’s engineering efforts focus on helping our customers achieve rapid deployment of extremely durable products, supporting them throughout the product life cycle, and ultimately providing guidance from one product generation to the next.

A typical customer engagement cycle with Actineon is shown to the right and described below.

Product Requirements Definition

  • Signed Mutual NDA, if Required
  • Identify Hardware Requirements
  • Define Software and Compatibility Requirements
  • Review Cost Objectives
  • Analyze Environmental Factors and Life Expectancy
  • Establish Qualification Requirements

System Design

  • Review Existing Product Lines and Roadmaps for Best Fit
  • Analyze New Requirements for Make/Buy Decision
  • Review Costs
  • Make Customer Recommendations

Detail Design and Creation of Pilot Units

  • Draw on Existing Product Lines and Next Generation Platforms
  • Make or Buy New System Components
  • Create an Operating System Image
  • Create Labeling/Branding and Serial Number Scheme
  • Preform Initial In-House Functional & Thermal Analysis
  • Review Features, Benefits and Costs with Customer

Pilot Unit Evaluation

  • Pilot Units Sent to the Customer for Evaluation
  • Additional Units Sent for Formal Qualification
  • In-House Test Continues

Volume Production

  • Production Tests and Tooling Created
  • Production Documentation Released
  • Product Documentation Released
  • Production BIOS & Disk Images Archived
  • Production Packaging Created
  • Inspection Check Lists and Audits Planned
  • Volume Production Begins

Sustaining Engineering

  • Provide Customer Change Notifications
  • Resolve Sourcing Problems / Obsolescence
  • Reduce Manufacturing Time & Improve Yields
  • Achieve Further Cost Reductions for Our Customers

Actineon Design Capabilities

  • Windows Embedded Images
  • Motherboards
  • Graphics Cards
  • Custom I/O Cards
  • Chassis (w/wo Fans)
  • Extrusions & Heat Sinks
  • Power Supplies
  • Cables
  • Boxes/Packing/Labels
  • Documentation & Manuals
  • FCC, UL/CSA, CE Qualifications

Key In-House Tools