Actineon products are designed and built in the USA from domestic and foreign components.

This allows us to provide Actineon customers:

  • Rapid prototype and pilot unit deliveries
  • Fast transition to volume production
  • Minimal up-front dollar and lead time commitments
  • Customer specific hardware configurations and disk images
  • Customer specific labels, serial numbers, and packaging
  • Complete control over final product quality

Actineon sets high standards for quality manufacturing, minimizing our environmental impact, and protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and the public.  (See Quality for more information.)  Our high standards, customer focus, and proven process lead to superior quality products with lower overall cost to our customers.

Our manufacturing process includes:

  • Material requirements planning based on forecasts and existing orders
  • Ability to maintain inventory levels with min, max, and reorder points
  • Multi-level bills of material with explosion down to 16 levels deep
  • Advanced purchasing to align buying with product demand & forecasts
  • Detailed stock status for all inventoried items at multiple locations
  • Extensive tracking of manufacturing inventory and work in process
  • Work orders to document and track production activity
  • Extensive reporting capabilities via Crystal Reports
  • Tools, test and inspection equipment – calibration traceable to NIST
  • ESD controlled floors, benches, chairs, carts, clothing, and straps

Actineon is proud to be a part of the growing resurgence of highly skilled US-based manufacturers.

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