Our Customers Say it Best

1 Responsiveness

You guys have been very responsive.  I really appreciate how quickly you provide solutions for my tier 1 customers and prospects.

Territory Sales DirectorGlobal OEM Solutions Group (a Fortune 100 Company)

2 Partnership

Thank you for helping us with the digital signage program. Partners like you guys are just what we look for and just what I need.

Global Account ManagerMajor Accounts Team (A Fortune 500 Company)

3 Quality

Since we switched to Actineon we’ve had very few issues. You’re players are rock solid.

COOISV Solutions provider

4 Flexibility

Your willingness to make changes for us really increased our retail space options over what we’ve always done with our [Major Brand Omitted] PCs. This next store re-design is going to be cool … I can’t wait.

Store Technology Solutions ArchitectTop Brand Retailer (A Fortune 100 Company)

5 Solutions

That’s an awesome solution for our store-wide signage programs.

VP EngineeringStore Technology Solutions (A Fortune 500 Company)

6 Meeting Needs

Your players are running cool and clean. This is exactly what our customers want and we’re putting you in every deal.

Senior Technology SpecialistTop 25 ISV Provider

7 Problem Solving

You guys were awesome. The testing and engineering analysis you did really helped us see where the problems were happening … and it was not the computer. We’re restarting production. Please thank your team again for us.

CTOInteractive Solution and Software Company

8 Innovation

We think you’re doing a great job for us and our clients like the PCs … you’re helping us quickly innovate our designs.

Global Program ManagerTier 1 Contract Manufacturer

9 Trust

Do you know why I use you guys instead of everyone else? I trust you.

CEOInteractive Solutions Company

10 Recognition and Referrals

You guys have been great. I wrote Intel and told them about how you went above and beyond to take care of us. I don’t know what good that will do you but I think it deserves to be recognized. I’d like to use you more in our other programs as well.

Technology Solutions ManagerTop 25 Global Brand

11 Recommendations

He [technology manager] really loves your PCs. We’re recommending them in every deal.

Business Development DirectorGlobal ISV Solutions Provider