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Bump Bar

Product Overview and Specifications

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Primary Applications

  • Kitchen Display System for Restaurants
  • Use in Conjunction with Open KDS

Key Features

  • Durable Aluminum Enclosure
  • Built to Withstand Regular Cleanings
  • Keys Designed for Over 1 Million Operations
  • Easily Customized Legends and Encoding
  • Fully Programmable Tone Generation
  • Single RJ12 Cable for Data & +12V Power

Bump Bar Arm Mount


Product Specifications

(Excluding Mounting Tabs)
inch: 9.75(W) x 3.3(D) x 1.7(H)
mm: 250(W) x 84(D) x 43(H)
Mounting Holes 10 1/8″ x 1 1/2″ Rectangular Pattern
for #8 Flat Head Undercut Screws
Available Buttons Left and Right:  1″ Squares (Two Total)
Dual Centered 7-Key Rows: 5/8″ Squares (Fourteen Total)
Processor Microchip PIC 16-Bit MCU, 32MHz
Memory 32KB FLASH
I/O Port RJ12 Serial Port with +12V Input