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About the Company

Our Aims and Goals

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About Actineon
Providing Professional Solutions
Located in the Silicon Valley

Actineon was incorporated in May of 2009 as a California C Corporation. We are headquartered in Santa Clara, California, where we carry out product development, manufacturing, support and financial activities. We have more than 10 years of experience building industrial computers for customers all over the nation. Now, we have also developed incredibly powerful workstations for professionals. 


Not only are our products designed to cater to your individual needs and requirements, our materials and designs are carefully sourced and engineered, so you can trust that our products are durable and reliable. Whether you're looking for an Industrial IoT computer or a powerful workstation, you can find one that will fit your needs at Actineon.


Trusted Computing

Our IPC's have been used by hundreds of varied customers across a multitude of challenging environments. Our products are designed to withstand harsh conditions while still offering superb performance. We have an industry low failure rate, long lasting product lifetimes, and dependable reliability.


Experienced Project


For our design team, providing you value add for your project is our top priority. We offer a full turnkey project development service, meaning we can assist you from concept to full production, and anywhere in between. We have highly experienced electrical, software, and mechanical engineers along with a dedicated project management team to make your vision come alive.

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Our Story

Actineon is an industry leading Industrial Computer Supplier


Quality and Standards

At Actineon, we adhere strictly to the highest quality standards possible. We strive to continuously provide the highest level of service while producing top-rate products. We proudly engineer and manufacture all of our products in the Silicon Valley, and never cut corners in quality.  

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